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Letters, Week of April 23, 2014

Letters, Week of April 23, 2014

Losing the unexceptional is unacceptable To The Editor: Re “LPC Likely to Protect Ladies’ Mile Buildings From Demolition” (news, April 9, 2014): When the Landmarks Commission protects banal buildings such as these two, they make the best possible, if amoral case, for no landmarking at all. There is nothing intrinsically important or significant about these […]

Letters, Week of April 9, 2014

Gene Feist memorial set for May 5 To The Editor: Re: Roundabout’s Gene Feist, and his Theatre, Had Chelsea Roots” (obit, March 26): Gene Feist was a dear friend of mine and will be truly missed. He was a kind and generous man who loved the theatre with all his heart. There will be a […]

Letters, Week of March 12, 2014

Letters, Week of March 12, 2014

Cheers for CCBA’s coordinated effort To The Editor: Re “Improving Conditions, Through Combined Block Power” (news, March 12): Great article about how community organizations can work with elected officials, businesses and others to improve things. Thanks to Bill Borock and the CCBA for all of their efforts on behalf of Chelsea residents. Phyllis Waisman Where […]

Letters, Week of Feb. 26, 2014

Landlord rent regulation  could save Mom & Pop To The Editor: Re “Parting Ways with the Neighborhood They Helped Define” (news, Jan. 29): Gone: Chelsea’s long time small stores — and the same is true of the Village (East and West), the Upper West Side, and Williamsburg and on and on! The story is the […]

Letters, Week of Feb. 11, 2014

Bayview not so beloved To The Editor: Re “Bayview’s Future Not Locked Down, but it Won’t Go Condo” (news, Jan. 29): “Beloved institution?” Women’s prison, tiny rooms for long dead seamen. From the photo, it may be historically significant — but it sure is grim-looking. Nobody made a big deal when they tore down the […]

Letters, Week of Jan. 29, 2014

Afraid of elevating a bad element? To The Editor: Re “High Line Elevator Damaged by Sandy Should be Fixed by Spring” (news, Jan. 15): This elevator and others on the High Line were out of order long BEFORE Sandy. While Sandy may certainly have further damaged the idle elevators, the High Line has no commitment […]

Letters, Week of Jan. 15, 2014

She’s often on the road to ‘Rail’ To The Editor: RE: “For Diner Cuisine, a ‘Line’ and a ‘Square’ on the Corner” (feature, Dec. 18, 2013): The Rail Line is a great diner — good food and good, friendly service. I have been eating there since they opened. Good luck, Teddy. Fran Raskin Wolff deftly […]

Letters, Week of Dec. 18, 2013

Cyclists are just part of the problem To The Editor: Re “Penn South Pedestrians Want Better Bike Lane Safety” (news, Dec. 3): In one year (Nov.-12 to Oct.13), there were 290 pedestrians injured along Eighth Avenue, between 23rd and 29th Street (source: Distracted driving and speeding automobiles provide the greatest risks to pedestrians, not […]

Letters, Week of Dec. 4, 2013

More voices needed on air rights To The Editor: Re “Air Rights Grounded in Discussion, as Cuomo Signs Bill” (news, Nov. 20): Missing from the article are the voices of the smart people who live in Greenwich Village and Chelsea who spoke up with serious questions at the town hall — people who felt left […]

Letters, Week of Nov. 20, 2013

Rain didn’t dampen Gottfried’s enthusiasm To The Editor: A shout out and a big Thank You! to Assemblymember Richard Gottfried and his Deputy Chief of Staff David Czyczk for the hands-on help they gave us on Sunday, November 17. In spite of the rain, they pitched in, turning over the rock-solid, hardpacked soil in the […]

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