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What ‘Detoxing’ Your Body Means, and How to Do It

What ‘Detoxing’ Your Body Means, and How to Do It

BY CARLYE WAXMAN RD, CDN | Spring is here — and with it, the fourth month of 2013. So…how are those New Year’s resolutions going? If you’ve kept them, congratulations. If you never made any to begin with, it’s not too late. I have three of them for you, all of which will help detoxify […]

When do I Need to Start Taking Supplements?

When do I Need to Start Taking Supplements?

BY CARLYE WAXMAN RD, CDN | We all strive for increased energy, healthy metabolisms, maintenance of body tissues and increased muscle mass. But what supplements do we need to stay healthy, and when do our bodies start to need more vitamins? After the age of 50, you may need to take supplements…but not necessarily. Either […]

At Manor Community Church, Food Ministry Feeds Body & Soul

BY RYAN BUXTON  |  A spiritual buffet is being served in Chelsea. Outside, the wind is ferocious and the ground is dusted with the previous night’s snow. But inside, the Manor Community Church is an oasis for people in need. They are at the church, located at 350 West 26th Street between Eighth and Ninth […]

Sunday Supper an Annual Feast, for a Fine Cause

Sunday Supper an Annual Feast, for a Fine Cause

Jamestown Properties and the James Beard Foundation host the fifth annual installment of the epic edible event known as Sunday Supper. This 250-person, family-style dinner is prepared by 19 renowned chefs — who, like those seated at tables that extend through Chelsea Market’s 400-foot concourse, come together in the spirit of raising funds for the […]

The Skinny on Slimming Winter Soups

The Skinny on Slimming Winter Soups

BY CARLYE WAXMAN RD, CDN | Who wants to eat a cold salad or fruit and yogurt when it’s chilly out? The best way to stay warm and skinny this winter is with SOUP! Making healthy soups is a surefire way to lose weight during the winter months, when we tend to gain. Soups can […]

Winter foods to help you get, or stay, slim

BY CARLYE WAXMAN RD  |  Is the cold weather starting to get you down? After long and busy days, it’s so easy to pick up comfort food on the way home. Mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, hot Mexican food, fried chicken and pizza hit the spot — but what happens the next day? All of […]

Lose that holiday weight without juices, shakes or gyms

BY CARLYE WAXMAN, RD  |  Once the ball drops in Times Square and 2012 has officially been ushered in, another countdown starts — in the form of a ticking clock that tells you it’s time to drop those bad habits from 2011 and embrace that resolution to make some positive changes. For many of us, […]

Holiday food and drink, without the gluttony or guilt

BY MAJA CASTILLO, MD (of Tribeca Pediatrics) and CARLYE WAXMAN, RD | Taste testing “this and that” at holiday parties is the worst strategy. Before you know it, you can’t fit into your jeans (or, even worse, your work pants). Everyone likes to party — but there’s a right way to do it. By planning, […]

Calorie-conscious Thanksgiving eats for ‘beginner’ chefs

BY CARLYE WAXMAN, RD  | As the holidays approach, our mouths are watering at the thought of all that good food. It’s safe to say that during this time of the year, we made decisions with our growling bellies instead of our heads — even though we can feel our skinny jeans expanding at the very […]

Squash, pumpkin, figs are in season

BY CARLYE WAXMAN, RD | Vegetables can be super delicious and filling — especially those that pop up in the fall season. Apples, broccoli, mushrooms and sweet potatoes are something we easily recognize. But they can, and do, get boring. Writing about them can even get boring. So take advantage of all that fall has […]

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