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Letters to the Editor: Sept. 3, 2015

Peace on the pier more precious than beer To The Editor: Re: “Private Investment, Public Enjoyment” (Talking Point, August 20, 2015): Long before the Hudson River Park Trust (HRPT) was even a glint in Senator Ohrenstein’s eye — indeed, while many were still either smarting or celebrating over the defeat of Westway, the Chelsea Waterside […]

Letters to the Editor: Aug. 27, 2015

Park Association opposes beer garden land grab Re: “Mixed Buzz on Pier 62 Beer Garden” (news, July 30, 2015): To The Editor: The Chelsea Waterside Park Association is adamantly opposed to the proposal by Hudson River Park Trust (HRPT) to remove approximately 10,800 square feet of public park space to be used for a commercial […]

Letters To The Editor: The Doris Corrigan Edition

Letters To The Editor: The Doris Corrigan Edition

When Tom Met Doris Re “Short in Stature, Doris Corrigan, 87, Was a Giant in Chelsea’s Political and Activist Arenas” (obituary, July 30, 2015): To The Editor: I first met Doris in the 1970s through her work in the West 20th Street Block Association — but I really got to know her when I was […]

Letters To The Editor: July 23, 2015

  FEEDBACK FROM FACEBOOK Re “Momentum Building to Confront Construction Permit Fraud (news, July 16, 2015): Thank you, Eileen, for your well-written and thorough reporting on this vital topic. It’s gratifying to know that a truly grassroots movement born in the heart of Chelsea has gotten so much traction, especially from our elected officials. The […]

Letters: July 2, 2015

Hopes Pier55 will prevail To The Editor: Re “Lawsuit Aims to Nix Diller and DvF’s Hudson Hopes” (news article, June 18, 2015): The promise of Pier55 has invigorated our community with the hope of what Hudson River Park can bring to our children and our families. In fact, it is rare to see a great […]

Letters to the Editor: June 4, 2015

Ranters, remember who paid for pavilion! Re: “Coffee Party Brews Citizens United Battle” (news, May 21, 2015): To The Editor: While the Coffee Party and its fellow ranters are boycotting all products made by the Koch Brothers, I’d better not see these aging hippy limousine liberals at Lincoln Center, the Metropolitan Museum or seeking medical […]

Letters to the Editor: May 28, 2015

Carriage horses are not commodities To The Editor: This is a plea, asking Councilmember Corey Johnson to vote for Intro 573, when it comes up for a vote in the City Council. It will, once and for all, ban the carriage horses from New York City. This “tradition” has been around since the mid 1800s. […]

Letters to The Editor

Letters to The Editor

Honey and Vinegar Re “Gloria Sukenick Awarded for Activism” and “Still on Stage at 90”: To The Editor: In the May 7 issue of Chelsea Now is a fascinating comparative juxtaposition of articles describing two 90-year-old women. Each is going against the conventional stereotype of the white-haired old lady, but there the similarity ends. The […]

Letters to the Editor

Decontrol is out of control To the Editor: Re “DCP Pledges Outreach, Provides Rezoning Details” (news, April 9, 2015): As long as vacancy decontrol stands, it is utterly hypocritical of city planners to propose zoning changes to allow developers to build new housing on top of old buildings purportedly to achieve “affordable” units. Every day stabilized […]

Letters, Week of March 26, 2014

Letters, Week of March 26, 2014

Stop the sop To the Editor: The mayor’s new proposal — “Zoning for Quality and Affordability” — is a very poorly disguised sop for real estate developers to pack more height and density into low-rise neighborhoods like ours and the Village. I certainly hope our City Council rep Corey Johnson doesn’t support it. Carolynn Meinhardt […]