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Letters: Week of March 10, 2016

Barneys bad for authentic hippies To The Editor: Re: “Barneys Bargain Table: When Neighborhood Activism and CB4 Scrutiny Made a Retail Behemoth Blink” (news, Feb. 25, 2016): My first objection to the new Barneys is its ugly storefront, the clumsy metal (aluminum?) overhang, and whatever that large black structure is for, whose girders partially block […]

Letters: Week of Feb. 25, 2016

Bravo for the Blotter To The Editor: My wife and I are delighted by Sean Egan’s Police Blotter column in Chelsea Now. We’ve taken to reading it out loud to one another and it never fails to entertain. You’ve taken what is typically a grim subject (especially in other local papers) and turned it into […]

Letters: Week of Jan. 28, 2016

Bravo for Motley exhibit To The Editor: Re “Buhmann on Art: Motley at the Whitney” (arts article, Dec. 31): Thank you for giving Archibald Motley some long overdue recognition. I say “overdue” because when I went to the new Whitney recently, my wife and I discovered that this elegant museum had given an entire floor […]

Letters: Week of Jan. 7, 2016

Bad horsemanship Re “Letters to the Editor” (Dec. 31, 2015): To the Editor: I am shocked at the letter in your recent publication by Andrew Alpern and feel the need to address it.  It is one thing to have lively debate on an issue [horse carriages], but quite another to allow such nasty and unwarranted […]

Letters: Week of Dec. 31, 2015

Carriage horse opponents ignore reality Re “Letters” (Dec. 24, 2015): To The Editor: The letters of Elizabeth Forel and Jen Wilder in opposition to New York’s iconic horse-and-carriages reveal what their misplaced and emotional PETA-like mindsets ignore. Ms. Forel makes the geographically-dyslexic assertion that the “hack line, which is on 59th St., [is] inside Central Park.” Perhaps […]

Letters: Week of Dec. 24, 2015

Central Park stable plan is ‘unworkable’ To The Editor: Re: “West Side Stables are Holdouts of Old New York” (news, Dec. 10. 2015): Mayor de Blasio’s plan to reduce the carriage trade, which suggests building a stable in Central Park for 70 horses, is unworkable. Parkland, according to NYS law, is an inalienable right of […]

Letters, Week of Sept. 17, 2015

It’s crazy not to love Lenore To The Editor: Re: “Rhymes With Crazy” (weekly column by Lenore Skenazy): Crazy, but not lazy or hazy. Nope. Your columns are sharp and well written — a pleasure to read. I’ve been enjoying them since Chelsea Now started delivering to our lobby at Penn South. As someone who […]

Letters to the Editor: Sept. 3, 2015

Peace on the pier more precious than beer To The Editor: Re: “Private Investment, Public Enjoyment” (Talking Point, August 20, 2015): Long before the Hudson River Park Trust (HRPT) was even a glint in Senator Ohrenstein’s eye — indeed, while many were still either smarting or celebrating over the defeat of Westway, the Chelsea Waterside […]

Letters to the Editor: Aug. 27, 2015

Park Association opposes beer garden land grab Re: “Mixed Buzz on Pier 62 Beer Garden” (news, July 30, 2015): To The Editor: The Chelsea Waterside Park Association is adamantly opposed to the proposal by Hudson River Park Trust (HRPT) to remove approximately 10,800 square feet of public park space to be used for a commercial […]

Letters To The Editor: The Doris Corrigan Edition

Letters To The Editor: The Doris Corrigan Edition

When Tom Met Doris Re “Short in Stature, Doris Corrigan, 87, Was a Giant in Chelsea’s Political and Activist Arenas” (obituary, July 30, 2015): To The Editor: I first met Doris in the 1970s through her work in the West 20th Street Block Association — but I really got to know her when I was […]