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Why We’re Pink

20151001_XCM_CNW.inddOur best scoops come from you, our loyal readers. You told us how much you enjoyed our “pink paper” articles last October, to commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and asked us to make it an annual print tradition.

We are delighted to oblige — with a focus this year on volunteers, and survivors who’ve served others by sharing their experiences.

They are the unsung heroes whose efforts are instrumental in turning tragedy into triumph. These selfless individuals toil diligently — mostly without fanfare — to do their part in helping to conquer a potentially killer disease that will have claimed the lives of 40,000 women and 440 men by the year’s end, according to the American Cancer Society.

The good news is:

  • There are more than 2.8 million breast cancer survivors in the United States today.


  •  The five-year relative survival rate for female invasive breast cancer patients has jumped from 75 percent in the mid-1970s to 90 percent today.

These strides can be attributed in no small measure to the ordinary people who rise to the extraordinary occasion, demonstrating time and again the incredible strength and power of unity when affliction strikes. Breast Cancer Awareness Month is an opportunity for NYC Community Media and Community News Group to praise altruists of all stripes, share some of their stories, and herald them for commandeering the spirit needed to aid and support those stricken on their difficult journey to good health.

Like most people, my husband and I have had friends and family who have battled cancer, including a close friend who has survived three bouts with breast cancer. Anyone who has seen the impact this terrible disease has on sufferers and their loved ones understands the urgent need to find a cure.

We hope you enjoy our “pink paper” publication and its inspirational stories about our common human desire to help others. We also hope it will inspire our readers to volunteer in their community, in order to give breast cancer patients the hope and support they urgently need and deserve.

Jennifer Goodstein

Publisher, NYC Community Media