Mystico’s, Week of July 31, 2014 |

Mystico’s, Week of July 31, 2014

mysticoAquarius  A formidable foe, a competitive bid, the clock and a full house: these things, this week, you are not meant to beat. Accept it, and plot your comeback.

Pisces  Your problem is, you expect 5G things from a 3G effort. Upgrade that outmoded attitude, and stop expecting others to swipe the “Try” button. 

Aries  An old foe’s campaign to mend fences comes with three strings, four perks and one chance to take the offer.

Taurus Rare is the Bell Biv to your DeVoe. Hold on tight to your friends!

Gemini You will find danger, adventure, humility and romance, when summoned to an outer borough in the midnight hour.

Cancer  A bid for your affections goes horribly wrong, with comedic results. Only accept the romantic overture if they laugh about it. Dour people make boring mates!

Leo  He who wishes for a window seat fails to factor in harsh glare from the noonday sun. Adjust your angle accordingly, or bake once daily.

Virgo  All dryers cost the same and run for an equal amount of time, but some are hotter than others. Clean the lint trap, and make a brand new start of it!

Libra  Bid high, if you should happen upon an estate sale this summer. That Mystery Box contains treasure of inestimable value!

Scorpio  You will make 11 new friends in one day — and with them, a baker’s dozen of stunning insights. 

Sagittarius  A pop song from the decade of your carefree youth, overheard in passing, unlocks hidden memories — both helpful and hurtful!

Capricorn  It’s high time you buckle down and face up to the fact that there’s no downside to taking a straight path to the fork in the road.