Mystico’s, Week of July 3, 2014 |

Mystico’s, Week of July 3, 2014


Aquarius  A sudden change in your distaste for rainbow sherbert causes you to question other firmly entrenched opinions. Embrace evolution!

Pisces  Your inner strength is no match for the awesome power of fate. Calmly accept the unsettling events of next Thursday. 

Aries  To nature, on track, and in the saddle: The “B” thing that these phrases lack is what you need to watch, when pressured to bow or bet.

Taurus  Your graceful landing at the bottom of a steep waterslide earns the admiration of a heretofore unforgivably harsh critic.

Gemini  Life forces a fight this week. Will you roll with the punches or throw in the towel?

Cancer  Take the bait, when a friend fishes for compliments. Your gift of confidence costs nothing, and pays Karmic dividends!

Leo  Your luck, this week, is like a summer shower: unexpected and powerful, but brief.

Virgo  He who has the answers you seek will be found ordering two scoops, at that recently opened Eighth Avenue gelato shop.

Libra  You will conjure an innovative cupcake recipe while placed on hold by customer service. The result: a surge in popularity at the next potluck!

Scorpio The corporate logo on a garish billboard reminds you to do that thing you promised that person, who said they’d get mad if you didn’t. Got it? Good! 

Sagittarius  Conquering the sixth of seven epic challenges will imbue you with newfound confidence and a noticeably leaner frame.

Capricorn  Next week’s lucky stuff: the color teal, a window seal, new shoes, loose change, and root beer barrel candy.