Mystico’s, Week of July 17, 2014 |

Mystico’s, Week of July 17, 2014


Aquarius  A battle between blind trust and gut instinct brews, when a friend asks you to play a small but crucial supporting role in their daffy moneymaking scheme.

Pisces  Cultivate fuse box maintenance skills, or the dairy in the fridge will spoil before your outer borough super can make it into town. 

Aries  Horizontal stripes, midnight snacks, whimsical backpacks and sweet words for a bitter relative: These things suit you well, through next Thursday.

Taurus The cooing of a pigeon perched precariously on a thin, swaying branch inspires you to do two things well at once, at work, twice tomorrow.

Gemini  You will receive a sudden windfall — and suffer a horrible fate, should you use it for anything other than personal gain. Return to your charitable ways when the money’s gone.

Cancer  The fine print, that place between the lines, and the uncouth behavior of a fast friend: These are things you must read this week — with skill and without haste.

Leo  When your top shelf hopes bottom out, cheap thrills will do the trick. Rubber bands and popsicle sticks have their part to play.

Virgo  The ill-advised unloading of emotional baggage in a hastily crafted e-mail leads to a series of misunderstandings culminating in the cyberspace equivalent of a silent film pie fight.

Libra  A sample sale tempts the conscious uncoupling of cash from your pocket. Fortune favors the thrift!

Scorpio Food you normally forbid yourself cannot fill an emotional void — but it sure tastes good. An occasional indulgence is allowed. 

Sagittarius  The universe reverberates with cool Karmic fallout from a seemingly insignificant act of kindness you alone have the power to perform.

Capricorn  Instruct your eyes to follow a sloppily flung Frisbee, whose rouge arc points you in the right direction.