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Letters, Week of July 3, 2014

Blockage on 22nd St.  Keeps on Truckin’

To The Editor:
The ongoing problem with commercial trucks and vans using and blocking our streets has reached a dangerous level.

Today [June 26], a fire truck was blocked from proceeding east on West 22nd Street, between Ninth and Tenth Avenues, by an illegally doubled parked van whose driver had left his vehicle. No amount of sirens blaring and horn blowing made any difference, and the fire truck was stuck on the street for approximately 30 minutes, unable to proceed to its destination. Commercial trucks of all sizes use 22nd Street, from Tenth Avenue, to avoid going east on 23rd Street.

Proper signage prohibiting commercial traffic on our residential streets would be a first step in solving this situation and saving lives in our Chelsea community.
Allen Oster

A Treasured Go-To, Soon Gone 

To The Editor:
As many of you may already know, Alan’s Alley Video [207 Ninth Avenue, between 22nd and 23rd Streets] is closing. His last business day will be July 7, 2014. For the past 26 years, Alan was the “go to” source for films, television series, children’s features and, most of all his, boundless enthusiasm and knowledge. As other video stores were closed by large video chains and later the Internet, Alan continued to provide his personal service to his loyal clientele. Unfortunately, factors outside of Alan’s control have now forced him to close this special place in our community.

We thank him for being here through all the changes that have come, and for enhancing life in Chelsea. He is hoping to relocate so he can continue to provide that special service we all appreciate.
The West 400 Block Association

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