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Letters. Week of July 17, 2014

Pipe down, Aunt Chelsea!

To The Editor:
Re: “Ask Aunt Chelsea” (advice column, July 3, 2014):

Hey “Aunt Chelsea” — are you on crack now? That was the most self-serving, off the mark and, frankly, completely stupid answer I have ever seen in this column, and that is going some. How about a new career or something?
Nick’n Chelsea

Horrible advice

To The Editor:
Re: “Ask Aunt Chelsea” (advice column, July 3, 2014):

Horrible answer! Fight it by mail and they will probably dismiss it. I used to get parking tickets in the mail (20 years ago, thanks to my brother) and fought each one with a quick, thorough, heart-felt letter saying it couldn’t possibly be me, and while not found not-guilty, each one was dismissed. Never had to set foot anywhere.
Rob Snider

Reader Comments from ChelseaNow.com

Re “CB4 Debuts Ambitious Affordable Housing Plan” (news, posted to the web on June 26, 2014 and in print on July 3):

New mayor, new hope
New York City real estate is rapidly becoming an investment commodity. The speed with which luxury units are converted and built is astounding creating canyons of high-rise, high-end condos. The search for affordable units should be coupled with a viable neighborhood plan. With a new administration in town there is optimism that our newly electeds understand the need for affordable housing as well as everything that supports city living for all, including green space. The opportunity for both exists in Chelsea. Hopefully logic will prevail.

Have your park and housing too
It would be great to see the building on Seventh Ave. and 22nd St. be torn down and replaced with affordable housing. It has been a negative eyesore for too many years, as well as unsafe. And what a perfect location for housing, nested with other housing. And a park on 20th mid-block would be an oasis of quiet for the neighborhood to use. Both are a great plan for our neighborhood, where I have lived for 37 years.

Park is best use for a rare open space
Great to read about so many new affordable housing options for CB4, from increasing to 30 the required percent of affordable units in new construction, to converting disused properties like Seventh Ave. and 22nd St. As the report by Hunter College School of Social Work and Picture the Homeless showed, there are countless such properties all over the city. Development of these options should eliminate the pressure to build on the rare open spaces like that on 20th St. In the 35 years I’ve lived in Chelsea, huge numbers of low-rise buildings and empty lots have been replaced by big buildings, making it more and more claustrophobic. Open park space is an essential public good for all people who live — or work — in the area.

Area needs an oasis
The history of the 22nd St. sight is a disgrace for the City of New York. It has been left unattended for far too long. Many of the voices that cry for the 20th St. Park site to be built as “affordable housing” have done nothing to make good use of these empty buildings on 22nd St. Housing is a great need, as is open space. There are no parks from 40th St. to Washington Sq. between Fifth and Eighth Aves. The 20th St. Park would be the only green oasis in the entire area. It is a must!
Michael Walsh

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