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Police Blotter, Week of April 24, 2014

Grand Larceny: Cycle of theft
A 2009 blue Kawasaki motorcycle valued at $7,500 was reported stolen, shortly after its 23-year-old owner witnessed four men removing the two-wheeled ride from the W. 500 block of 37th St., just after 5am on Sun., April 13. Video footage confirmed the owner’s account, in which the men placed the motorcycle into the back of a white pick-up truck, and then fled the scene.

Assault: Cabbie catches flak, takes it on chin
This passenger had friends, but they weren’t they type that came with benefits. Shortly after last call (4am) on Sat., April 12, a cabbie stopped to pick up a young female passenger, who flagged him down on the corner of Ninth Ave. and W. 28th St. As she unexpectedly got into the front seat, four males filled up the back of the cab — exceeding the legal limit of passengers. When the driver pointed this out and refused to take the fare, an escalating argument caused him to exit the cab, and attempt him to forcibly remove the passengers. The four men complied, only to the extent that they also exited the vehicle — at which point one of them punched the driver in the face, causing significant swelling to his left eye. The group fled southbound on Ninth Ave. Police canvassed the area but were unable to find the perps. The driver was escorted to Roosevelt Hospital, for treatment.

Grand Larceny: Shutterbug couldn’t curb his loss
What pull does the Old Dominion State have on forgetful Chelseaites? A local resident told police — several days after the fact — that he lost thousands of dollars worth of property on his way to Virginia. That’s the point at which the 65-year-old placed his camera bag on the curb (at Eighth Ave. and 23rd St.), while hailing a cab. Once inside, he realized the bag was missing. The report didn’t note whether he circled back or proceeded directly to his mode of interstate travel — but once back in the Big Apple, he notified the 10th Precinct of his loss, and told them he’d provide serial numbers at a later date, in the event that the (presumably stolen) goods surface. For now, though, he’s out of pocket for what was in the bag: A laptop (valued at $1,500), a Nikon camera and lens ($4,200), a $900 pair of binoculars, another lens ($100) and the bag itself ($400).

Grand Larceny: Sleeping beauty awakens to ugly scene
Someday her prince will come — and with any luck, he’ll be an insurance agent with a check in tow to replace all the pricey accessories that walked away during her post-shindig slumber. A four-hour snooze, taken after what was by all accounts a long and successful party, cost the 22-year-old hostess just over $15,000 in stolen property. The victim told police that quite a few people were still in her West Chelsea apartment when she went to her bedroom around 8am on Sat., April 12. She awoke at noon to discover that although a few stragglers remained, most of the guests had left during her ill-timed retreat. Also missing from the scene: a Rolex (worth $13,400), a David Yurman bracelet ($1,350) and just over $600 in cash. The victim maintains the property was still in her room before she nodded off.

—Scott Stiffler

slash-suspectCigarette slasher
Police are also looking for an unknown man who they say robbed an Eighth Ave. convenience store and stabbed an employee early on April 7.

The suspect walked into the Mobil Gas Station Mart, at Eighth Ave. and W. 13th St., around 1:50am, cops said. He then reportedly snatched a cigarette pack and ran out, after which a male employee, 18, chased him outside.

The suspect, pictured above, pulled out a knife, turned around and slashed the employee’s left hand before fleeing the scene, police said. The wounded employee was later treated at Bellevue Hospital, receiving stitches to his hand, police said.

Based on surveillance footage, the suspect is described as white, about age 35 and around 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighing 200 pounds.  —Sam Spokony