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Letters, Week of April 9, 2014

Gene Feist memorial set for May 5

Visionary Feist was also a lookout

To The Editor: 
Re: Roundabout’s Gene Feist, and his Theatre, Had Chelsea Roots” (obit, March 26):

Gene was also an extremely considerate person. For years every morning he knocked on the door of his neighbor down the hall, Esther Kishorr, to make sure she was okay. He was, therefore, the person who called us when she wasn’t, well into her 90s. He and Kathy were much appreciated by Esther’s brother, Ira Stadlen, aka Allen Swift, me, and the rest of her family. My condolences to Gene’s daughters.
Lenore Stadlen 


  1. Paul Scher says:

    I was one of Gene's neighbors and I would like to attend the memorial service.