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Police Blotter, Week of Jan. 15, 2014

Resisting Arrest:  Caught with coke after being cuffed
A 19-year-old male was taken into custody around 3:30am on Sun., Jan. 5 — after uniformed officers of the 10th Precinct observed him urinating on a public sidewalk (at the southeast corner of Ninth Ave. & W. 25th St.). The collar didn’t come easily, though. After being approached by the officers, the man pulled away from them — then flailed his arms in an attempt to avoid being handcuffed. Once subdued, an inspection of his person turned up a small container of cocaine.

Grand Larceny: The high cost of cheap talk
A victim of theft has very little memory of the event that cost him $3,825 — to the point where he was unable to give police a description of the two-man team who successfully executed a schmooze, steal and run maneuver. In the early morning of Sun., Jan. 5, the victim invited two other males back to his place (in the W. 20s), after befriending them at a nearby bar. While one of the men chatted with the 43-year-old victim, his accomplice gathered up items including a Mac laptop (worth $2,500), a $700 iPhone and a pair of $300 Sony headphones. One thief then fled by climbing down the fire escape, while the other guest suddenly lost interest in the conversation and made a break for the door.

Criminal Posession: Nip tippler was packing Molly
Drinking in public led to a much more serious charge, for a 26-year-old man who chose to spend the waning moments of Sat., Jan. 4, by drinking from an open container of alcohol (on the southwest corner of 10th Ave. & W. 26th St.). Swigging from a small plastic bottle of Svedka vodka was enough to pique the interest of police — who soon discovered the man to be in possession of what appeared to be Molly (a popular colloquial term for a powerful form of MDMA, aka “ecstasy”).

Fraud: Lights dark on Broadway show hopes
A would-be Broadway patron hoping to see “The Book of Mormon” was left singing the blues — when he showed up at the theater with four fake tickets and a typo-riddled receipt. The Connecticut resident met his bogus broker on the corner of 28th St. & Eight Ave. — after forking over $1,028.50 for prime seats (center orchestra, row E) to the Sat., Jan. 4 performance. The addition of an $8.50 “convenience charge” led credibility to the order  — but a decent knowledge of American playwrights would have tipped the victim off. The web printout he was given managed to misspell the Eugene O’Neill Theatre (leaving off an “l” from the last name). Numerous calls to the perp’s number went unanswered.

—Scott Stiffler