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Letters, Week of Jan. 29, 2014

Afraid of elevating a bad element?

To The Editor:
Re “High Line Elevator Damaged by Sandy Should be Fixed by Spring” (news, Jan. 15):

This elevator and others on the High Line were out of order long BEFORE Sandy. While Sandy may certainly have further damaged the idle elevators, the High Line has no commitment to making this park accessible to those in wheelchairs or those who cannot take the stairs. The fixing of the elevators should have been a priority, but I guess they figure it brings the wrong kind of people up to the High Line. There is no other explanation.
Andy Humm

All’s well that ends well

To The Editor:
I was surprised when Corey Johnson introduced Jeffrey Le Francois at our Community Board 4 general meeting last Monday because I too assumed R.J. Jordan was already settled in as chief of staff (“Johnson Taps Ex-Gottfried Aide as his Chief of Staff,” by Lincoln Anderson, Jan. 15). It looks as though everyone is happy with the change and, therefore, so am I. R.J. did a really great job and I will miss him.
Mike Noble