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Letters, Week of Jan. 15, 2014

She’s often on the road to ‘Rail’

To The Editor:
RE: “For Diner Cuisine, a ‘Line’ and a ‘Square’ on the Corner” (feature, Dec. 18, 2013):

The Rail Line is a great diner — good food and good, friendly service. I have been eating there since they opened. Good luck, Teddy.
Fran Raskin

Wolff deftly deals with bugs

To The Editor:
Re “High Line Horticulturist: ‘Anyone’s Guess’ How Foreign Roaches Arrived” (news, Dec. 18, 2013):

As a veteran of the cockroach wars of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s — first in the Village and then in Chelsea, I know a thing or two about how to banish them. It’s called Maxforce, the industrial strength Combat. I’ve used this product in all of the 58 units of my coop building on 21st Street. I distribute four or five baits to each apartment about twice a year, and the little buggers are gone, gone.

I wonder if the new guys are as susceptible as my old crop of American and German varmints. Actually they look more like water bugs than the classic cockroach. There’s a bait for them too.
Pamela Wolff

De Blasio’s horse sense?

To The Editor:
Mayor DeBlasio is concerned for the safety of the carriage horses in New York City. Will his concern extend next to the police horses? Will they be the next to be taken out of service?

Another question is what will happen to the stables across from the Javits Center that house the carriage horses, which are now prime real estate property near the end of the new No. 7 subway line extension and Hudson Yards?

I just wanted to bring this to everyone’s attention since I am concerned about de Blasio’s real motives.
Ruth Kuzub