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Police Blotter, Dec. 4, 2013

Petty Larceny: Stop at ‘Bread’ costs her dough
A 19-year-old woman was seated at Panera Bread (330 Seventh Ave.) in the early evening of Wed., Nov. 27, when two young men approached her. Sitting on either side of her, they began making conversation — eventually asking for her signature in support of a youth program, as well as a monetary donation. Shortly after they left, the victim discovered that her phone (which was laying out on the booth, in plain view) was missing. The Apple iPhone, valued at $650, had a tracking app — but by the time it was checked, the thieves had turned the phone off (rendering the location device ineffective).

Petty Larceny:  Instagram Scam
The medium might be relatively new, but the scam is a textbook example of classic confidence game guile. A 20-year-old man told police that in mid-Nov., he began to communicate with an individual through Instagram. He was told that if he sent his new friend $400 by way of Western Union, he would receive double that amount. The victim quickly complied. He’s still waiting for his windfall, say police, who note that, “The complainant has attempted to contact the perp, but has not heard from him since sending the money.”

Petty Larceny:  Dirty deed, clean hands
A thief with expensive taste in cheese, blue collar beer proclivities and a real beef against bacteria was arrested — after store employees caught him attempting to exit Gristedes (307 W. 26th St., at Eighth Ave.) in the late afternoon of Wed., Nov. 27. The 40-year-old was observed placing a $3 can of Budwieser, $22 worth of prosciutto and a $5 bottle of Purell into his shoulder bag, then walking past the cashier without paying. He was nabbed, dirty handed, before making use of the sanitizer.

—Scott Stiffler