Donegan Honored as 10th Precinct’s ‘Cop of the Month’ |

Donegan Honored as 10th Precinct’s ‘Cop of the Month’

Photo by Scott Stiffler

Photo by Scott Stiffler


At the Nov. 20 Community Council meeting, council president Larry O’Neill (left) and commanding officer Capt. David Miller (at podium) awarded Police Officer Thomas Donegan the 10 Precinct’s “Cop of the Month” honor, for his exemplary work on the evening of October 4.

While on patrol, Officer Donegan approached W. 40th St. and Dyer Ave. (an area experiencing a rash of robberies and car break-ins), and observed an SUV with a broken window. Further up the block, he approached a man who appeared to be avoiding contact — and with good reason. Officer Donegan noticed broken glass on the man’s clothing and on top of a bag he was carrying. Upon further investigation, it was determined the individual was in possession of property taken from the SUV. Shortly following the man’s arrest, he was found to be responsible for a robbery, a burglary and several car break-ins, all over the course of the past 20 days.

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