Mytico’s Horoscopes, Nov. 7, 2013 |

Mytico’s Horoscopes, Nov. 7, 2013

mysticoAries  Peek at the contents of a quirky stranger’s grocery cart and discover the missing ingredient to a pilfered recipe you recently botched.

Taurus  Be truthful with yourself when examining the source of that simmering rage every time somebody says, “I can’t believe it’s getting dark so early!”

Gemini  Keep an open mind where cranberries and kale are concerned — and score a coveted supper club invite from a powerful ally who respects evolving tastes.

Cancer  Take the scenic route to work, and a great idea for that difficult person on your holiday gift list will present itself — as a metaphor you interpret, after glancing at a bus stop ad.

Leo  Corduroy is your new denim, green is your new black and piercing insights are your new cutting remarks. Adjust your wardrobe, and attitude, accordingly.

Virgo  Facebook awaits an update about the rewards reaped after softening your position on a divisive political issue. People can change…and they do!

Libra  Answer the ultimatum of two friends who demand your allegiance with a pledge to follow the verdict of an uninvolved third party.

Scorpio  A snuggle partner misses the mischievous deeds dished out from your Halloween alter ego. Suit up and accommodate!

Sagittarius  Thanksgiving turkey doesn’t need an orange-pineapple glaze. Simplify your holiday season, or risk insanity before the ball drops in Times Square!

Capricorn  Your annual refusal to participate in Secret Santa is ill-advised. This year, be nice and opt in — but don’t expect to get anything for your efforts (other than a $10 gift).

Aquarius  This week’s challenge is to change your routine, while allowing others to happily wallow in their comfortable ruts. Don’t be jealous!

Pisces  Your back burner New Year’s resolution has as much chance of happening as that overdue spring cleaning chore. Draw a line in the 2014 sand and get your lazy caboose in gear!