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Letters, Week of Sept. 25, 2013

Chelsea Market stance did Quinn in

To The Editor:
Re “De Blasio First in Democratic Primary, Quinn a Distant Third” (news article, Sept. 12):

Chris didn’t even win her own district. Is it possible that her neighbors are still upset about her support for Jamestown in the fight over Chelsea Market? To a lot of people around here that sadly symbolized her total accommodation to the greed of real estate developers.
Jim Jasper

Something to sing about

To The Editor:
Re “See it in September” (arts article, Aug. 28):

Big congrats for luring Jim Caruso to Chelsea Now with an arts-recommendation column. One of the nicest and hippest people in show business — he knows everyone. Delighted.
Cynthia Crane Story

W. SoHo/S. Village also claim Corey

Website comment, Re: “Johnson Wins Decisive Victory in District 3 Council Race” (news article, Sept. 12):
Well-written and accurate article, but you neglected several key neighborhoods in your description of the council district’s area, namely, West SoHo and the South Village (“In a district that spans the West Village, Chelsea and Hell’s Kitchen”).

Can you add a correction to this, please? We who live in the South Village and West SoHo want to claim Mr. Johnson as our representative as well.
West Sider

Pot proposal makes sense

To The Editor:
Re “It’s Time to End Pot Prohibition in New York City” (editorial, Sept. 12):

This makes sense. Consumption of marijuana for both medical and recreational use is part of mainstream America, transcending generations.

Creative entrepreneurs will always provide the citizens’ desire, regardless of government approval. Consumers have voted with their dollars, making marijuana consumption a multibillion-dollar enterprise today. Legalize it and add a sales tax. Revenues will more than cover the costs of any abuse. Our tax dollars will be better used if police and judges spend more time prosecuting those who commit real crimes against individuals or property than going after those who consume or distribute marijuana.

Citizens have more to fear from murder, arson, rape, muggings, robberies, auto and identity theft or home break-ins (along with ever-increasing levels of confiscatory taxation and debt by government) than individuals who get high in the privacy of their own home. Law enforcement authorities should be free to pursue those who commit real crimes against citizens and property.

At 18, you are old enough to vote, be a parent, pay taxes, own a car, take out a bank loan, serve in the military and die for your country — but not consume marijuana. This makes no sense.

What consenting adults consume, inhale, perform, read or view in the privacy of their own home or private social club isn’t the concern of government. Individual economic and civil liberties prosper best when government stays out of both the bedroom and marketplace.

Let us hope that we have finally learned from the obvious failures of Prohibition. It is time to permit consenting adults to access any so-called illegal products or substances without fear from government harassment.
Larry Penner

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