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Horoscopes, Aug. 14, 2013

mysticoAries Uneasy dreams will haunt you surrounding that primary litmus test issue you keep mouthing off about. Do question your stubborn resolve…but don’t forget to vote on September 10!

Taurus A potential suitor, or a well-connected new business contact, finds your mispronunciation of a widely used verb both endearing and provocative.

Gemini Omens, winning lottery numbers and killer omelet options are found in the menu of the next diner you spy. Stop what you’re doing and eat there!

Cancer Learn to avoid life’s little sand traps by observing how a tizzy-prone Sagittarian rises to the occasion while navigating three vexing problems over the next two weeks.

Leo Answer the siren call of a service advertised on a bus stop ad, seen when diverting your gaze from the direction of a sudden, strong breeze.

Virgo Compliments and confidence flow from an uncharacteristic choice made while shopping for a new fall wardrobe.

Libra A financial venture made this summer puts you at risk for a tense fall and a winter of discontent. Proceed with caution!

Scorpio You alone have the power to talk down that Gemini co-worker from a frothy rage to a state of “I’m buying pizza for the whole office” bliss. Do it!

Sagittarius Trust your gut, if tempted to insert foot into mouth when challenged by a relative you can no longer stomach.

Capricorn An unusually frosty Leo gives your spirits a much-needed boost, by humming a favorite song they once heard you swoon over. Voices carry, memories linger and kind gestures sometimes flow from unlikely sources.

Aquarius Like a CitiBike docking station, good timing will determine whether next week’s social calendar is empty or filled to capacity. Adapt accordingly!

Pisces The gradual erosion of strict adherence to a highly touted New Year’s resolution will earn you public scorn this week, from a Capricorn you hold in high regard. Next December 31, only open your mouth for champagne!


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