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Nicole Vianna

NID is flawed, abuses law

To The Editor:

Re “The Hudson River Park must generate more revenue” (Talking Point, by Diana Taylor et al., April 3):

The neighborhood improvement district (NID), so blandly referred to here, is a flawed concept and an abuse of the business improvement district law.

Contrary to statements made in public meetings, the Hudson River Park maintenance money from the NID will not be passed through to the Hudson River Park Trust as a block grant, and can be held back in a reserve fund if the NID board does not approve of the Trust requests for any or all of the money in any given year.

In addition, if the NID builds pedestrian bridges over Route 9A in the park’s northern section (including perhaps to the passenger ship piers), as detailed in the draft NID district plan, the debt service for these projects takes precedence over all other budget items, even the money earmarked for park maintenance.

The NID plan also envisions “beautifying” the historically accurate industrial flavor of the western parts of Tribeca, Soho, the West Village and beyond, and could weaken local control of our neighborhoods.Before you decide you support the NID because they tell you it’s an easy, low-impact way to help Hudson River Park, read the plan ( and visit Neighbors Against the NID ( to learn more.

Nicole Vianna

Vianna is a member of Neighbors Against the NID


  1. Scott Lawin says:

    If you’d like information about the proposed Hudson River Park Neighborhood Improvement District (NID), please see the official site: Unfortunately, there is quite a bit of misinformation being circulated about the NID, so we’d like everyone to have an opportunity to learn the facts.

    Hudson River Park needs your help! – please visit the site to read the District Plan and sign the petition to support the NID.

  2. Nicole Vianna says:

    As co-chair of the Steering Committee of the HRP NID, maybe Lawin has seen a significantly updated version of the HRP NID District Plan; my letter of April 11 was based on the 3/15/13 draft District Plan, which is the only version available to the public. Pages 30 (holdbacks of the 60%) and 37 (priority of debt service over all other budget items) give the facts relayed in my 4/11 letter. Everyone in the proposed District should read the District Plan at…. instead of sales pitches before signing either petition (ours is linked at ).

  3. Nicole Vianna says:

    The draft District Plan does not specify the number of BID Board representatives for each category of member or any required geographic diversity, an significant omission for a District that is almost five miles long. There are approximately 8,000 property owners in addition to countless commercial tenants and renters that will be eligible for the in-person only voting at the annual meeting. Where will it be held, the Javits Center? How would an ordinary individual get the name and platform recognition across the entire District to get elected? Yes, Mr. Lawin, Improvement Districts can empower locals, but only if the Improvement District is local and the NID, at five miles long and 1/3 mile wide, is not.