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Horoscopes, Week of April 17, 2013

Stop clicking those ruby slippers. They won’t work until you’ve conquered your fears. Lucky road construction material, color: Brick, Yellow.

Your bullheaded refusal to accept an offer will alienate you from potentially helpful Godfather figures. Lucky time for an apocalypse: Now.

Like a sleigh named Rosebud, a stranger’s cryptic comment sheds only partial light on your vexing problem. Lucky newspaper, besides this one: New York Inquirer.

You will find your superhero friend’s origin story predictable and tedious, compared to their current fantastic adventure. Lucky strength source: Bionics.

During a life-changing road trip with an eccentric pal, you will help a pair of mismatched cops solve a crime. Lucky Corvette size, color: Little, Red.

These aren’t the droids you’re looking for. Let those you’ve been pestering go about their business. Lucky space port: Mos Eisley.

Your cornfield commute home will be livened up by the unexpected appearance of a murderous crop duster. Lucky direction: Northwest.

You will be pelted by pennies from heaven while caught carelessly singing in the rain. Lucky umbrella position: Upside down.

A dangerous liaison leads to an affair to remember which will turn into a fatal attraction. Lucky breakfast location: At Tiffany’s.

Don’t book an overnight stay at that rundown hotel run by a creepy loner. The shower you’re craving isn’t worth the hassle. Lucky almanac: Old Farmer’s.

Pack a light lunch for your trip to the amusement park. Running from dinosaurs on a full stomach will slow you down. Lucky battery: D.

While summering in the Catskills, you will enjoy many suggestive dances with an instructor who demands you not be put in the corner. Lucky laundry state: Dirty.