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Horoscopes, April 3, 2013

Aries  An early spring
visit to the High Line will produce a pleasant burst of sexy
flirtation. Lucky Newton: Fig.  
Taurus  Your fiery temperament is
ill-suited for the gentle practice of origami. Get a new hobby!
Lucky bird: Crane.  
Gemini  Living with temptation is
fine — but make it sleep on the couch. Lucky hiding place: Second
shelf from the left.  
Cancer  A street sign on your
journey home tonight has hidden meaning. You’ll know what to do
when you see it. Lucky weather pattern: Foggy.  
Leo  Resist the urge to bite your
tongue when stumbling into a heated discussion. Both sides benefit
from your outsider’s clarity. Lucky button: Second from the top.
  Virgo Old friends and new
enemies conspire to throw you a birthday party full of
uncomfortable interactions…but the cake will be worth it. Lucky
frosting: Buttercream.  
Libra  A tall dark stranger on
the subway won’t buy it when you momentarily transfer eye contact
to his backpack. Stop staring! Lucky comic strip: Gasoline Alley.
  Scorpio  Dusk on the
day before the next full moon is prime time for contemplating
matters of the heart. Lucky Avenue: Fifth.  
Sagittarius  An insufficient
answer to a foreign tourist’s poorly phrased question will haunt
you throughout the night. Lucky coin: Dime.  
Capricorn  The intense study of
crossword puzzle design will boost your quilt work to new creative
heights. Lucky conjunction: Or.  
Aquarius  A new vegan treat will
coax your pooch into more robust doggy yoga participation. Lucky
breed: Old English Sheepdog.  
Pisces  Your Monopoly strategy,
based on hotel accumulation, is ill-advised. Lucky birthstone: