Mystico’s Predictions, March 21, 2013 |

Mystico’s Predictions, March 21, 2013

A flirty exchange with a cutie decades your junior will perk up this Wednesday’s proceedings. Lucky bun: Cinnamon.

Recollections of where you were when Nixon resigned will help you win a bet with an old nemesis. Lucky losing candidate: Mondale.

Cookies crumble and empires fall…but your youthful optimism is timeless. Don’t lose it! Lucky utensil: Melon Baller.

A 4am infomercial viewed on the third night of your insomnia inspires you to reconnect with an old friend. Lucky seasoning: Sea Salt.

Your arcane knowledge of typewriter ribbon maintenance will prove useful next Friday. Lucky font: Helvetica.

The chorus from a song your parents sang holds hidden clues to a dicey moral dilemma. Lucky Bond: George Lazenby.

Spring cleaning drudges up a forgotten box of old stuff — and with it, long-held secrets both sweet and sour. Lucky egg: Scrambled.

Kids loitering in front of the Duane Reade will be dumbstruck by your snappy comment on their clueless conversation. Lucky Roosevelt: Eleanor.

Bold archers receive helpful instructions from the lyrics of a song sung on one of those dreadful PBS Doo Wop reunion shows. Lucky beach bring-along: Sand bucket.

Old habits and newfound vices chip away at your steely resolve. Resisting is good for your soul, and great for your image. Lucky cut: Crew.

Next Tuesday at 1:35pm heralds a new age for aged Aquarians — so go for it! Lucky lake: Michigan.

Damn the flood of memories and begin building bridges to new and exciting April adventures. Lucky snake/accessory: Boa.