Mystico’s Eerily Accurate Horoscopes, March 6, 2013 |

Mystico’s Eerily Accurate Horoscopes, March 6, 2013

Aries  Somebody’s attractive sibling will delight you with a moderately salty joke. Lucky late comedian: Phyllis Diller.

Taurus  Ominous winds and unkind words from the north won’t be enough to bend your will, when tested, at 7:43pm this Thursday. Lucky turn: Left.

Gemini  A missing pair of gloves will suddenly materialize — leaving you confident, confident, dry and secure. Lucky soap scent: Mountain fresh.

Cancer  A co-worker’s overheard quip will set you on the path to a hobby quite atypical of your temperament. Lucky palindrome: Bob.

Leo  Conflict-prone Leos should take a page from the March playbook, by coming in like a lion and going out like a lamb. Lucky pie: Rhubarb.

Virgo  Territorial instincts will protect you from harm but leave you vulnerable to public opinion. Lucky furniture: Patio.

Libra  A strong craving distracts you, as the clock strikes one. Obey it! Lucky snack icon: Little Debbie.

Scorpio  Those prone to melancholy will get a lump in the throat upon hearing a Barry Manilow song. Lucky color: Magenta.

Sagittarius  Even skeptical Sagittarians will marvel at this weekend’s confluence of fortunate events. Lucky borough: Queens.

Capricorn  Baked goods and thoughts of revenge, both delicious, will tempt you on the way home from work. Resist the urge! Lucky cute animal: Duckling.

Aquarius  Like mismatched cops who somehow make it work, you’ll be paired with an opposite, then assigned a difficult task. Lucky season: Fall.

Pisces  Storm clouds are gathering, and that dollar store umbrella offers you little protection. Time to upgrade! Lucky accessory: Glitter.