Aging’s New Age |

Aging’s New Age

COVERCNA few generations ago, aging was a number to reach, a milestone to achieve — retiring at 62 or making it to a silver wedding anniversary. Aging was equated with winding down a career, taking it easy and moving to Florida. Aging meant getting old.

That won’t do for today’s seniors, who’ve been making their mark on popular culture ever since they were teenagers. If you’re not old enough to remember being young during or before the 60s, you don’t have enough seniority to be considered a senior…yet. But with any luck, you certainly will — and that calls for some planning.
For today’s seniors, aging is all about quality — maintaining a strong body and a flexible mind, and also building and maintaining a close community of friends and family.
Chelsea Now’s Senior Health & Fitness issue explores the resources available to seniors by gathering a wide range of information from local experts. We hope the first annual edition of this special issue will give you new tools and fresh ideas with which to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

We take a look at the fitness programs of Chelsea Pier’s SC 60 CLUB, examine the questions surrounding supplements and spotlight The SAGE Center’s pioneering meal program.

A sharp mind requires a commitment to life-long learning — and our city offers endless options. If you want to learn about art, take a peek at what’s happening at the newly christened Carter Burden Gallery (formerly known to locals as Gallery 307). For an update on those who’ve never stopped creating art, read about what Village musicians of the 60s are doing today (they might be performing down the street!).

Now that you have energy from exercising and interesting conversation to offer after visiting local galleries, it’s time to connect with your neighbors. Our resource guide points you to senior activities and services.

An essay recalling formative years spent in the company of grandparents makes a compelling case for the lasting effects of slowing down, enjoying the moment and soaking in all that society’s eldest members have to offer.

As we all try a dash of exercise with a serving a good nutrition (mixed together with the love and laughter of close friends and family), the recipe for a healthy, active lifestyle is in reach. As you age, you can have your cake and eat it too…just don’t wash it down with a Big Gulp soda!


Jennifer Goodstein
Publisher, NYC Community Media, LLC