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Jerry The Peddler

Sometimes right ain’t wrong

To The Editor:
The conservative right has been talking a lot lately about cutting back on government programs. And I couldn’t agree more. A good place to start would be to eliminate the drone program. And do we really need a military base in Australia with missiles pointed at China?

Speaking as someone who served in the Army in Germany from September 1967 to December 1968, the only reason we left our troops in Europe after World War II was because the Soviet Union left their troops there. Well, not only does the Soviet Union not have its troops in Europe, it hasn’t even existed for almost a quarter of a century. Bringing those troops home would save billions, if not trillions, in tax dollars.

Moving on to social programs: William Buckley once said, “It is time to take drugs out of the black market and put them on the free market.” Another conservative position that I agree with. This would not only take the burden off the prison system, but would eliminate many police and FBI task forces, and would also do away with the DEA, once again saving taxpayers billions of their hard-earned dollars that would otherwise be spent on an unwinnable drug war.

The list of programs that could be done away with could go on and on before touching even one penny that goes toward the comfort and well-being of the taxpayer. So, let me wrap this up with a final conservative opinion I agree with: Ronald Raygun once put his opinion on illegal immigration in the form of a Q&A. Q: “What do you call an illegal immigrant?” A: “A wiling worker.”
Jerry The Peddler