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We’re Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Horoscopes, Feb. 20, 2013

Impatient rams with multiple irons in the fire risk getting burned while watching their pots boil. Lucky Village Person: Cowboy.

You will find the character flaws of a Reality TV star both repulsive and intriguing. Lucky Bond: Timothy Dalton.

Submit to bulk shopping urges when it comes to candles, canned goods and Marshmallow Peeps. Lucky Peep color: Blue.

Next Wednesday will be present several opportunities to get what you gave up for Lent. Resist! Lucky beat: Bossa Nova.

Important information awaits, a foot to the left, as you glance downward to inspect your shoelaces. Lucky animal: Salamander.

Pick a fight with a fellow subway passenger who’s clearly in the wrong and risk incurring the wrath of Saturn, their overprotective ruler. Lucky lines: A, C, E.

Overconfidence from surviving that meteor strike will allow Russian Libras to scale new career heights. Lucky fabric: Wool Tweed.

Your competitive nature, applied to the problems of a casual acquaintance, will make all the difference. Lucky ill-advised snack: PEZ.

Uneasy dreams prompt an early morning bout of contemplation in matters of the heart, followed by the purchase of flowers. Tip well! Lucky pie: Apple.

It is imperative that you cross over to the other side of the street, so to speak. Lucky chapter: 5.

This Tuesday at 8:37am, you will be challenged by a situation requiring empathy but inspiring apathy. Sleep in to avoid certain doom. Lucky drawer: Middle one.

You will be tempted to interpret a string of coincidences as bad omens. Ignore them! Lucky Mel Torme song: Glow Worm (Christmas version).